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A Preferred Vender for the PMI Program                     DCS 4000 is the new 2015 model

The DCS 4000 tobacco curing control is the state of the art control system that gives back. This tobacco curing system gives you the precise control needed to cure a quality leaf.

The digital display on the DCS 4000 tobacco curing control includes time controlled temperature and a dry wet bulb humidity indicators that control damper operation as well as an automatic advance rate capability.

 DCS 4000 tobacco curing control can be upgraded to allow communication with your personal computer. Once the available hardware and software are added, you can monitor and control kilns remotely from the comfort of your home. you will also receive a text and an alarm if their is a barn failure.

For the last 30 years Enercorp has built the temperature controllers, sensors and indicators sold by DeCloet.
Now Enercorp and Flue Cured Tobacco Services LLC have teamed up to continue providing the Tobacco Farmer with a superior control at a very competitive price.

The older DCS 3000 Control can also be upgraded to except the new RH waterless wet bulb sensor.

All units and conversions are available in celsius by request.

Let the DCS 4000 help you put more quality in your leaf and life.

For more information on the DCS 4000 tobacco curing control please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your needs.

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