Flue Cured Tobbaco Services LLC

DCS 4000

The DCS 4000 comes with everything you need to install a quality tobacco curing control.

DCS 3000 and DCS 4000 Features

Control your kilns over the Internet

New DCS 4000 systems can communicate with an iPad or PC over the internet. This enables tobacco kilns to be

monitored and controlled remotely from your home or

anywhere with internet service, Older systems from 1998

can normally be upgraded.

- View up to 256 kilns in one yard. Kilns requiring

actions are highlighted to draw the operator's attention.

You can select a particular kiln and check its status on

your iPad or computer. You can then change the status of that kiln directly.

Accurate Reliable Wet Bulb or RH Measurements

We use platinum sensors enclosed in stainless steel for

wet bulb measurement. (must specify when ordering RH sensor controller)

These sensors are more accurate & stable than

thermistors and should the worst happen they are much

less expensive than electronic systems to replace

With our built-in Aqua-Stat control which keeps the wet

bulb wet and the reading accurate as the temperature

rises we believe we have the most rugged and accurate

system available for wet bulb control.

Advance & Hold Curing**

This curing technique has been in wide spread and

successful use for many years with mechanical clockwork advance mechanisms and filled systems thermostats. The DCS 4000 gives the farmer the same ease of use but gives him better and more repeatable control over the curing process.

- Both the wet and dry bulb readings are displayed.

- The advance rate is precisely controlled to the

nearest 1/2 degree Fahrenheit.

- The wet bulb can be accurately controlled with the

auto damper option.

- The starting temperatures are reset at the end of

each cure to minimize accidents.


The DCS 4000 controls casing with the "CASE" control

button. The farmer can set the time as well as the dry and wet bulb temperatures for casing.

Start Up Time Delay*

The timer function is built into the DCS 4000

microprocessor. In setup mode the user will be asked to

set a time delay between 0 and 999 seconds in 1 second

intervals. This will allow kilns to have staggered starts

should a power failure occur?

Wet Bulb Alarm

If the auto damper is active, a wet bulb temperature 10

degrees or more above the set point will trigger the alarm relay which is also triggered when the dry bulb is 10 degrees outside its set point.

Field Calibration of Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors, when held at the same

temperature, should agree with each other within on

degree F. In the event that they do not, a set up

procedure allows an offset of up to three degrees F. to be programmed.